Payment in China – How To Pay Safely In China

Payment in China

Are you going to China soon but not sure how to pay for things safely? Have no fear, because we’ll show you the ropes! With a few simple practices and tips, you can securely make payments in Chinese restaurants, stores and markets, feeling confident that your money is safe. We’ll explain all of the options available – from cash payments to apps, digital wallets, debit & credit cards and more. Keep reading if you want to learn everything there is to know about making it rain in the Middle Kingdom!

WeChat Pay

For foreigners in China, paying with WeChat Pay can be a safe and easy experience. Many merchants are now equipped to accept digital payment options such as WeChat Pay, allowing you to make safe payments simply by scanning barcodes or by using your fingerprint. Thanks to the secure encryption technology behind it, WeChat Pay keeps your personal information private and secure at all times – so you can focus on enjoying your stay in China rather than worrying about having cash on hand! Plus, you don’t need a Chinese bank account or credit card to make payments. So whether you’re sightseeing around Beijing or shopping in Shanghai, rest assured that you have one less thing to worry about when making payments – WeChat Pay is here for you!

WeChat ranks among the most famous payment methods in China


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re a foreigner or expat visiting China, but Alipay is here to make your visit easier. With its safe and secure payment system, you can rest assured that your financial information is protected as you go about your travels. Alipay is accepted pretty much everywhere in China, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be dealing with currency exchange issues or the hassle of dealing with a credit card system. Knowing that one of the biggest worries for foreigners and expats is taken care of is almost like having a personal guardian during your time in the country – now there’s no stopping you from enjoying an unforgettable vacation!

AliPay is another common way of paying in China


As a tourist visiting China, it’s important to have a safe and secure way of paying for your purchases. Enter UnionPay, the largest card issuer in China with over 6 billion cards in circulation worldwide. UnionPay is accepted by all major banks, supermarkets, restaurants and airports in China – so you can feel safe knowing that you’re always connected to your funds no matter where you are. With flexible options such as cash advance and point redemption services, plus automatic currency exchange from all around the world, UnionPay offers an unparalleled level of convenience that makes it the perfect payment method while traveling through China.

Apple Pay

If you are visiting China as a foreigner or expat, Apple Pay offers a safe and secure way to pay for goods and services. Its convenience, reliability and encryption technology make it an excellent choice to meet your transactions while travelling abroad. Apple Pay is quick, easy to use and carries no risk of fraud or compromised financial data that can often come when transferring currency in unfamiliar locations – plus it’s accepted at most outlets across China making the user experience seamless and worry free. Whether you’re on holiday or living in China longterm, skip the hassle of carrying cash – embrace the simple security of Apple Pay for your peace of mind!

Apple Pay
Yes – Apple Pay is also a payment standard in China

Payment Kiosks/ATMs

Payment kiosks or ATMs offer a safe, convenient way to pay while visiting China if you are a foreigner or expat. For example, the T-Union network, positioned all over China offers payment options in the form of its onsite ATMs and merchants that accept payment through the use of barcodes from a smartphone. Whereas Zhongguancun Bank Network and ATM5 offer similar services, which use debit/credit cards as payment options. Foreigners and expats no longer need to worry about carrying wads of bills or using unfamiliar methods for payments––payment kiosks or ATMs provide an accessible, easy and safe option for many people in China today.

Payment in China
China made a great step towards technology transition in recent years

Some Things To Remember

Traveling in a new country can at times be intimidating and difficult – especially when going to a country like China. There are plenty of unknowns, such as the language barrier, culture shocks and – of course – differences in currency. But there is no need to worry; with these great tips and tricks for traveling in China, you’ll have a stress free visit!

Do Not Use ATMs In The Streets; Use ATMs Located In Banks

If you’re looking to pay safely while in China, choose an ATM located in a bank or other trusted institution. Don’t get drawn-in by the convenience of ATMs on the street – the risks far outweigh whatever practicality these may offer, and you could be putting your personal and financial information at risk. By sticking to a tried and tested method like visiting a bank, you can avoid common scams like fake ATMs, skimmers and dodgy banking transactions that have become commonplace when using unregulated machines outside banks. 

Don’t Carry Around Too Much Cash

When traveling in China, it’s important to keep your financial safety in mind. While cash is still widely accepted for payments throughout China, it’s best to not carry around too much of it at any one time. There are many alternate payment solutions that are more secure and convenient than carrying large amounts of cash, like mobile and online payments through apps like UnionPay. Additionally, credit cards can also be used but some shops may charge additional fees to use them. With all these options available, there’s no need to put yourself at risk by carrying too much cash. Your financial security should be top of mind when planning your trip to China.

Always Keep An Eye On Your Credit Card, And Don’t Let It Out Of Your Sight

In today’s globalized society, it’s essential to pay attention to your personal safety. When visiting China (or any unfamiliar place), take extra precautions with your credit card. Be sure to keep it in sight at all times, particularly when paying at stores or restaurants – especially smaller establishments. Accompanying a card reader can give you a peace of mind by providing visual verification of the amount you owe for purchased goods and services. With careful management, you can enjoy the convenience of credit cards without putting yourself at risk!

Beware Of Counterfeit Money

When it comes to paying safely in China, beware of the potential for counterfeit money. Counterfeiting is a very real concern and should be taken seriously. Imagine being given counterfeited cash instead of receiving genuine Chinese currency, it could end up costing you thousands! To avoid this unfortunate situation, always check the authenticity of the cash by looking closely at colors, textures, and other elements of the notes or bills. Before accepting cash payments, be sure to double check if anything looks off. Taking these simple precautionary steps can help keep you safe when dealing with money in China.

Make Sure Your Credit Card Will Work In China

Whether you’re heading to China on vacation or an extended business trip, a sound financial plan is the key to making sure your stay there goes smoothly. Before you go, make sure your credit card will work in China and that you are well informed about how to pay safety and responsibly. Double-check with your credit card provider that your card will be accepted in merchants’ stores and ATMs situated in China. Familiarize yourself with any transaction fees for international purchases, and make sure to bring enough cash on currency for any small, everyday purchases. That way you can feel confident when it comes time to vising China, dealing with all transactions stress-free and worry-free.

Never Let Anyone Scan Your QR Code

Cyber threats rise each day and by allowing someone unknown to access your personal information by simply scanning your code, you are putting yourself and your finances at risk for fraud and scams. To stay safe, only ever use secure digital payment methods alongside two-factor authentication and additional security layers that protect you from any unwanted data leaks. By taking these precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of digital payments without having to worry about anything else!

Now you know how to pay safely in China without getting ripped off. Whether you’re paying by card, cash, or mobile payment, as long as you follow the tips above, you’ll be able to transact without any problems. So go out and enjoy your travels in China worry-free! We hope you found this helpful. Do you have any other questions about the payment system in China? Let us know in the comments below!

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